sábado, 3 de marzo de 2007

Woody Allen with spanish accent

And one day Joaquin wrote to me "extraño las crónicas en inglés con tu inglés de woody allen con acento castellano." I miss your chronicles in english, that woody allen english with spanish accent.

Might be. I mean, I also kinda miss them. They belong to this distant time when I would not feel the need to express myself in Spanish, or maybe it was that back then I had the need to express myself in English, and not anymore.

It's strange why we choose one language or another; in my case my only reason is to find beauty. Lately, beauty speaks in Spanish to me, and translating is difficult even if I do use Spanish to write.

Anyway, enough bullshit for today. I am going to London soon, and I would really like to meet my old flatmates there... but I've lost their email addresses... yeah, kind of sad, but it's the truth... and google search seems to be fruitless, which is particularly ridiculous if you're a fruitman. I found one of them, but she's on linked in and the damn webpage wants me to pay if i want to contact her without knowing the email addresss... any coupon from any of you so i don't need to pay?

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