viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2005

Lágrimas negras

Aunque tu
me has dejado en el abandono
aunque ya
se han muerto todas mis ilusiones.

Even though you
have left me abandoned
even now
all my hopes have died.

En vez de despedirme
con Justo encono
en mis sueños te colmo
en mis sueños te colmo
de bendiciones.

Instead of saying bye
with justified rage
in my dreams I cover you
in my dreams I cover you
with blessings.

Sufro la inmensa pena de tu extravio
lloro el dolor profundo
de tu partida
y lloro sin que sepas
que el llanto mio
tiene lagrimas negras
tiene lagrimas negras
como mi vida.

I suffer the greatest grief for you
I cry the deep pain
of your departure
and I cry and you don't realise
that my tears are black tears
that my tears are tears
black like my life.

Tu me quieres dejar
yo no puedo vivir
contigo me voy mi negra
aunque me cueste el morir

You want to leave me
I can't live
with you I go my black
even if it costs my death.

Tu me quieres dejar
yo no quiero sufrir
contigo me voy mi santa
aunque me cueste el morir.

You want to leave me
I can't live
with you I go my bless
even if it costs my death.

Free and fast translation :) from the song Lágrimas Negras (black tears) by Miguel Matamoros (Michael Muslimkiller would be the translation of the name, I guess not quite correct from a contextual point of view)

5 comentarios:

  1. Anónimo9:45 p. m.

    Thanks for that! I love the song - I have a different version from the movie "cuba feliz" - more optimistic...

  2. i'm glad you liked it, even though it was more sad, i'll have a look at this other version you mention.
    i guess you ended up in my blog coming from google... well, welcome! :)

  3. Anónimo9:05 p. m.

    Beautiful, beautiful song, one of my favorites.
    Thank you!
    I think "en vez de maldecirte" (used in most versions) is more in place than "en vez de despedirme" , especially with the following "en mis sueños te colmo de bendiciones."

  4. Anónimo9:09 p. m.

    Instead "lloro el dolor profundo" most versions use "siento el dolor profundo".
    and instead of "mi negra", "mi santa" is more often used.

    I wonder which one is the original version.

    Thank you again.

    1. Anónimo4:03 p. m.

      "siento el dolor profundo" is correct; "y lloro sin que tu sepas...", no repetition.