miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2005

Broken Flowers

Nice movie Jarmusch made here. Nothing exceptional, but sweet. One of those movies, kind of road movies, kind of independent, sort of romantic in a way, sort of comedy, cool, well done, with powerful characters. Buffalo 66 comes to my mind, as does Ghost World, Sideways, and probably a bunch more

(it would be nice seeing Woody Allen on a road movie, by the way)

Broken Flowers takes advantage of the Bill Murray effect, topped with something of Jack Nicholson. This guy got his second spring after Sofia C's Lost in Translation. He's quite an actor, maybe too conscious of his role here in Broken Flowers, but still, interesting character. Sort of reminded me of the CIO in my company.

As movies pass by, I'm more and more convinced that making a movie like Broken Flowers is just too difficult, too painful. I mean it must be really something to shoot Sharon Stone the way Jarmusch does, so perfectly cool, but still, such a pain.

I wonder when exactly in the process of shooting the movie the director is actually able to reflect alone on it, to make it in silence, just him and the story. Woody once said it's when he writes and when he edits that the gets the most pleasure out of it. I can tell, cause I mean, it must be such a pain to actually shoot, with all those camera men, light men, sound men, assistants, photographers, make ups, producers, etc etc etc bitching around you and your story.

Or maybe not, who knows. Anyway, time to smoke and sleep. Hard work days are coming to an end for me. I am looking forward to it. Let's see. Cinema, just so great to sit there in front of the big screen.

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