martes, 1 de noviembre de 2005

The queen to be

Ever since I moved to this flat without TV, I decided to disconnect myself from the "news"... every once in a while, I read the online newspapers, and in the morning I get a free newspaper in the metro, but all very superficial, no deep reading.

Today it's a holiday, it's 12 in the morning, and I read a little bit before I have lunch. The prince and the princess of Spain had a female-baby a day ago, the one that was supposed to be "queen" after them. But... you know, it should be masculin: Spanish law prevents women from having the right to be queens by blood.

So now, you know, it turns out all the political forces in Spain have agreed to change the constitution so that a woman can be queen by blood rights, and all the newspapers (conservative or liberal) are filled with sentences like "All the parties aprove of the changes to allow Leonor to be the queen" (El Pais, the most leftist), "It was time women could rule" (El Pais), "Another step against discrimination" (El Pais), etc. etc.

A few things are striking:

1) some days ago, the same political forces were saying that a reform approved by 90% of the catalan pairlament (among other things, the reform claims the right to admit that Catalunya be called a "nation" and manage its own taxes, sort of like a federal relationship like in the US) is absolutely inconstitutional, and because it threatens the integrity of the constitution, it threatens the unity and the future of Spain, and some politicians even compared catalans to the nazis because they want to have Spanish race dissappear.

2) equality, it seems, means that a woman can rule by blood rights over 45 million of people

3) discrimination, it seems, means that a woman who will never have to move her ass to get food on her table will not be discriminated against his brother when it comes to rule over 45 million people by blood rights

But again, politics are but a reflection of society. We have the politicians we deserve. I just thought that, maybe, the leftist El Pais would have some ironical remarks on the matter... But no, being leftist nowadays means to change the appearance of things, but never, never dare to change the thing itself (or even talk about the posibility of). Being leftist and modern is changing the constitution so women can rule by blood rights. Oh, I live in such a progressive country.

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