miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2004


Landiman commented that my last post was rather hard. And he adds a worse tragedy: he had his moment in life, and yet he didn't enjoy it to the most.
I remember when I first saw Landiman... How much we have changed, Landiman? A lot, much more than we are able to understand. But we are doomed to be friends now, you know? We are, forever. And that is a moment. A tragic one, if you want. We both have worlds we wish to come back to. We both have places far away from our physical hearts. Places we would like to inhabit right now. Fuck, what if suddenly I went to bed and tomorrow I woke up in Berkeley, California, and you Landiman woke up in Vienna, so close to old Europe and the naked body of an ivy goddess? I don't know, Landiman. I have a map of the places I've been, but I lack a map for the places of my brain... it's all messed up, it's all too quantum mechanical. I just want the million eyes I used to look at, and the million skins I once touched and felt, handfulling my hand.

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