jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2004

Purpose for 2005

One of the things that makes me wonder whether I should go on with these english chronicles is that my English level remains the same. I thought maybe writing every day could improve my style, but at most I can only maintain my style, prevent it from getting worse. Yes, I got a little bit faster writing, but the bad thing is I think I am assuming mistakes by repeating them over and over (there's nobody to correct me!)
Anyway, all these leads me to a purpose: during the year 2005, I shall read and read and read and read the Collected Short Stories by Vladimir Nabokov (thanks for that marvellous book, -a). I shall read and read and read and read and read until I shall know the meaning and use of all the words that appear in the book. Then, I'll be prepared to die in peace... or to write better chronicles.

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