domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2004

Things I need to remember

This is an unordered list of the things I need to remember in order to reconstruct in the form of a short story the night I just had:
1) A woman in her late forties, sitting by the bar of a pub, drinking a lonely whisky in a tall, tube glass with just one ice cube on the bottom. Just one like her. Young people dancing around her.
2) Four young guys dancing on the top, bellow four women they are looking at. The thought of getting one woman each of them, an spending the night fucking in the four bedrooms of some flat in the city center. The morning after, a gorgeous breakfast with naked bodies.
3) The light flashing animated cross pattern of a pharmacy sign.
4) A pigeon making noises by the window.
5) A bingo.
6) Many people dancing inside a musical bar: they look like people that are going to feel rather old and depressed when they go out of the bar.
7) An amazing body moving amazingly, with a very low t-shirt that shows how beautiful a young skin can be.
8) A guy that wants to write but doesn't dare to be honest about the night he just had.

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