domingo, 13 de febrero de 2005

Being high and writing

A girl friend told me the other day: "it's good that now you write without being high". To what I replied: "my dear, it's not that I don't write high anymore, but that you and me have gotten used to it".

And I was probably right, as usual :) Did you notice a substantial change in style? Have you little by little, seamlessly adapted to it with me? I don't even know if there's been a change. For I re-read my blog and I find essentially the same old stuff.
I don't write literature anymore, that's true, but I think I stopped that when I started to blog seriously. My only "literature" is now this blog that I write without much attention to quality or message or sense of wholeness, but one thing is sure: I never wrote as much as I do now, and never did more people read me.

So which one is better? I do know: both of them. For blogging can only be a complement, but a necessary one, one that has to be in every one of my possible lifes, including the life of a professional writer. Writing until 6pm, blogging from 11pm. What do you think?

Another curious thing through this months of blogging has been the movements around my reader base. At the begging, it was only joaquin and choche, then some more friends, and suddenly an unexpected growth of readers foreing to my vital circle. Some co-workers started reading, some friends abandoned, others came back, but little by little, I got my own, stable reader's base.

Curiously, I significantly stopped having new readers when I stopped looking for more blogs to read, because now I have my ten favourite blogs and I hardly look for new ones to read. Most of them read me too. They are part of my vital circle, my readers, my writers.

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