lunes, 28 de febrero de 2005


Torjman told me today that I must sleep very few hours, according to the late hours of my posts. I said it's true, yes, I go to bed late because I love the night too much to sacrify it. And basically, this simple fact defines most of the story of my life during the week: I'm usually sleepy, tired, slow and lazy. But I don't care: I just love my nights too much.

Anyway, we watched this movie today, Birth, the spanish title being "Reincarnation" (hence the title of this post, I guess) The movie is very so so, but thanks to our unability to decide for a movie we ended up at room number 7 of the Icaria theatre to watch it, from now on the room of the bad movies.

After the movie, we headed off to Gracia and had a good deal of fried fish. It was cold, but thanks to -e I was able to find a car spot near the restaurant (I mean -e wanted me to park like 2 kilometers away from the restaurant, but Torjman showed for once a strong will and said "no way we are parking here"... and so we parked next to the fried fish place... well done, Torjman)

And so that was it. A simple weekend ending at the cinema like so many other weekends. I am writing and smoking, it's late, and tomorrow I'll be tired and lazy. Tomorrow I'll be wanting to stay warm and cozy in bed for ten more minutes, but the alarm clock and my conscience won't care. Bitches, real bitches. Reincarnation might be the only wise choice, but meanwhile I'll stay up late. Thinking of you, my love. Do you know who you are?

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