martes, 8 de febrero de 2005

I love you 20q

I thought of this concept: "question mark". Then I played**, see if it could guess the concept i had thought of. At question 20, 20q guessed it was "zero". I said "no". Then 20q guessed it was "photon". I said no. After 5 more questions, 20q got it right: "question mark". Many things are remarkable here, but I do remark the following:
1) I declare that a new activity has been born: if google brought with it the verb "to google (something)", now 20q will institutionalize the verb "to 20q (something)"
2) if you start 20qing, then you will find marvellous connections between words and concepts, such as the one I just found: "zero" and "photon" have many things in common, so many that after asking 20 questions you are unable to decide for one or the other,... even more, you decide first for "zero" and then... only then you say "photon" .... which all together means that "photon" is too much of an unreliable concept... you die, you arrogant physicists, you belong to the past century!
3) five questions, yes 5, only five, are enough to go from "photon" to "question mark"... man, I was right, you physicist are gonna have a hard time... tough, I say, really tough.
** (ed. note: the author didn't link (or splink, as joaquin would rather have it) so that it wouldn't appear as a hypertext link on the screen. That way, the author, anthropocentric as he is, wanted to "personify", so that it would appear to the readers closer to a human will tears and laughs than to a webpage with titles and hyperlinks. bless you, 20q.

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