jueves, 3 de febrero de 2005

Win Win (not a Chinese name)

Last night I wrote this:
"As some of you already know, last friday I decided to jump off the train while it was leaving the station, and thus consequently suffered quite a dramatic fall. At the beggining, it seemed like I broke my left arm and leg, but finally I stood up and here you have me: no injuries left, except for a deep pain next to my balls and a hand that hurts when I type too fast. The Fruitman survived his own stupidity, a remarkable step in each big (fruit)man's life.
PS In case you're wondering: there was no attempt to suicide behind my jump: quite ordinarily, it was just that I missed my station, and so I jumped to avoid getting off the train as a sane man, but a hundred miles away from my original destination...
PS There's a lot of philosphy about life in between this inocent written lines of text... "

Landiman replied with this:
There is lots of philosophy in all your writings. So, I guess the lesson of today is that no matter if you choose the wrong way, you can always jump off the train and the worries of having injuries fade, being just littel pains. Or it could be: better to jump in the station you know than going to the unknown paradise. Or better to jump knowing that you are going to fall, than being betrayed by the conductor of the train, after chasing you smoking hiden in the laydies toilet. Ouh, I see, you wanted us to jump alltogether from your train to end alone, enjoying your cigarrete in the driver cabitet and to toot one's horn. Bad friend."

And I re-replied this:
"actually, i didn't mean to go so deep, i guess... i see two main philosophical attemps on my post:
1) to survive to one's own stupidity is an important step forward
2) sometimes the rational way does not lead to the originally wanted end: ok, i don't jump so i don't hurt myself, yes, it is all so rational, cause you don't wanna kill yourself jumping off a running train... but fuck! that was not the point: the point, the original one, was TO GET TO WHERE YOU WERE GOING .... so ok, you won't get where you wanted just cause you are afraid of getting hurted? you just didn't get there because you were afraid of jumping before you miss your GOAL? i think i prefer the one that is able to overcome his fears, and jump off to grab his originally wanted goal..."

Net result: I win, you win.

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