domingo, 6 de febrero de 2005

Deep house, downtempo, fuzed jazz

So here you have me, listening to deep house, downtempo, fuzed jazz. I know practically nothing about electronic music in general, but it's some time I feel a sort of curiosity about it. I started plainly refusing it, but over the years it seems I am getting to accept it better, specially since I smoke pot and I watch a lot of digital video stuff.
I think electronic music also attracts me because it's something that didn't really exist before I was born. If you think about it, everything we do or like sort of existed before we were born, it was born, it belongs, to a different era. Cinema, jazz, blues, Capote, Salinger or Schroedinger, they all existed before the day you saw light for the first time.
Fuck, my arm hurts again, and I write with difficulty. I thought the pot will help ease the pain, but somehow it makes me concentrate on it.

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