miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2005


Listening to Brad Mehldau playing Moonriver I wonder once again what it must be like to be able to play the piano like that.

To know that you just need your hands and a piano to create a new piece of art each time you sit down to play. Like Moonriver. How many times have we heard it, and yet it seems a completely different story when Brad plays it.

What do people like Mr. Mehldau think when they play? Are they aware of the sounds going out of their hands? Or is it just an instinct, like breathing?

Sometimes, at my dad's, I look at my sister's piano and I can't help but pressing some keys, with the vane hope that maybe, I will be able to play a Chopin's Nocturne. Of course, it never happens, but maybe, who knows, someday... :)

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