sábado, 12 de febrero de 2005

Geekin' around

I spent my saturday evening installing a thing called "PHP Nuke". It's a content management system, in other words, a software that allows you to manage a lot of content in an easy way, such as blogger or livejournal for blogs, but a little more complex and thus with more options.
After dinner, I spent 30 minutes looking for a php nuke manual, without any success. And you know, 30 minutes (in internet time) to find a manual to anything is a lot of time. So I gave up, and started messing with php nuke all by myself. I sort of got how it works, though I lack the overall philosophy of the thing. I guess that's how many things (specially the geeky ones) work on the internet. This is something that my dad cannot understand, and I guess that as I grow old, it annoys me more and more... How the hell you develop something as great as php nuke, with millions and millios of users, and then you don't bother to create a manual that starts from the fundamentals? My god, it took me so long to figure out how to change the content of a php nuke generated homepage!
OK, enough of geeky stuff for the rest of the month.

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