sábado, 19 de febrero de 2005

Sweet friday

Yes, Saturday was very sweet from 3pm. First, -m from work invited us to his place and offered us all kind of alcoholic delicatessen: a home-made bermout, then a 1984 Estola red wine, and to finish the right amount an 18 year-old Chivas on a glass with one ice cube -just one, it has to be like that, you know? I liked it when he said: "hey, you can have it with ice, i'll do, don't worry" Cause you know, some snobs claim good whisky has to be drank pure, ice is a crime because the water of the ice is so dirty.
Anyway, we spent more than four hours at -m's, filled with laughter, alcohol and even some guitar playing by... the fruitman! I was shy to play at the beggining, but ended up singing a bunch of songs (though I have to say my singing and playing ain't as goog as it used to be)

The night was a different story, a night in a bar with Landiman and Torjman and that blond (girl) friend of Landiman. I felt brilliant tonight, and said a bunch of witty sentences. Very witty and brilliant I was, yes I was. The blondie was shy, very shy, but (she rents a room at Landiman's) sure some weeks with Landiman will remove that veil from her soul.

Oh, and I got a job offer.

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