miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2005

The smole of life

I write this some hours after learning that, starting from tomorrow (well, today), it is not allowed to smoke at any parts of a train (including the cafereria) in Spain. For those of you who live in America, this might not seem very remarkable. But in Spain, the land of vice and happiness, it is a big thing.
The way I see it right now (the green smoke already feeding my brain) there are two ways of approaching life. On LIFE A, people don't smoke. On LIFE B, people do smoke. Which one is better? Well, this is harder than deciding between McDonald's or Burger King (you know what I mean, jojo).
Again, I feel too tired to reason for and against A and B, so I retire to bed. Good night, I wish I could hug you all a little bit (including you, choche) before falling asleep.
PS This post was constructed such that, at least, jojo and choche leave a comment.

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