jueves, 10 de febrero de 2005

Emir Kusturika

I just watched his latest movie, Life is a miracle. It's a story about love, war, friendship and chaos. It's filled with impressive images and an endless soundtrack of violins and gipsies. And there's also this girl, Sabaha, who stole both my heart and Torjman's. We went out of the cinema and he was enthusiastic... as usual, I was rather inclined to think it was just an ok movie, and too long. But the true reason of my dissapointment was that I hated the movie not because it was not good, but because it put before my eyes a passionate relationship between a decadent man and the best of a woman in one woman: Sabaha... and I miss that kind of passion too much. And I smoke, and I write, and I try to forget that tonight I saw true love, and I couldn't like it.

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