martes, 1 de febrero de 2005

It wasn't all that bad

As some of you already know, last friday I decided to jump off the train while it was leaving the station, and thus consequently suffered quite a dramatic fall. At the beggining, it seemed like I broke my left arm and leg, but finally I stood up and here you have me: no injuries left, except for a deep pain next to my balls and a hand that hurts when I type too fast. The Fruitman survived his own stupidity, a remarkable step in each big (fruit)man's life.
PS In case you're wondering: there was no attempt to suicide behind my jump: quite ordinarily, it was just that I missed my station, and so I jumped to avoid getting off the train as a sane man, but a hundred miles away from my original destination...
PS There's a lot of philosphy about life in between this inocent written lines of text...

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