domingo, 20 de febrero de 2005

Europe, Europe

Today we had the referendum in Spain to vote for or against the European Constitution (or just vote "blank") In Spain it was 76% YES and 17% NO. In Catalunya, it was 64% YES and 28% NO.

I guess it's quite a significant difference that those with a nationalistic spirit will like to stress. I'd rather think that my NO vote is not as socially marginal as I thought.

I don't really know whether I should feel satisfied. It's clear that, as usual, what I voted is not what finally won. I am getting used to that and, in a way, I am a bit fed up of loosing again. Because when over and over again your country votes different than what you thought was correct, you can't help thinking whether you do belong to that country.

Why is it that the most intellectually stimulating political option always looses? It would have been so much fun that the NO had won. Anyway, at least I realised something. I realised you can convince a lot of people to vote what you think is right.

For this referendum, I convinced my mom, her boyfriend and I guess maybe some of my friends and colleagues at work. At least I guess I helped them take a more informed decision.

Anyway, we said yes to the European Constitution. We said yes to a Europe where preventive war and death penalty are allowed under "special" circumstances. We are now free to demonstrate again when Bush decides to take over another country.

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