domingo, 6 de marzo de 2005


Escribir es una forma de admirarte. Writing is a form of admiring you. That's what I told jOjO just now, after telling him I was going to listen to a Sonata by Haydn. And so I am doing.

I write because I admire you. I look at you, because you're my perfection; I listen to Haydn becuase I find perfection, pure mechanical beauty. And I like it so hard when the mechanical perfection of Haydn starts reflecting your different perfection, the mechanical fitting and amplifying, giving new meanings to the perfection of you, which is a perfection of the soul, an imagination of all the possible beauty felt directly through the heart. Haydn in my brain, playing with your soul felt by mine.

Very rarely I feel that, it's easier when I try it with Brad Mehldau, and actually I don't know whether it's any better than just touching you, looking at you with my hand on your breasts.

Sure, it's not any better, for if it was I wouldn't be missing you so much right now.

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