martes, 1 de marzo de 2005

Choche is gone

Well, just his blog... :) He decided to remove it from the Internet. Probably, you never read it, and hence you will never have a chance to read it in your entire life. Imagine, there's something that, even if you want it very much, you will never be able to read anymore. That's what happens to me.

Because OK, Choche's blog was not as good as mine or as good as Shakespeare, but it was Choche's blog... it was written by Choche: that's all that matters to me. I don't care about anything else: it was Choche's.

But Choche thinks the blog is not good enough. In fact, Choche rarely thinks that what he does is good, but he doesn't seem to care. That's something different between me and Choche: I can't stand thinking that what I do is not good. Like this post, you know: it's boring, it started with a nice, albeit demagogic, line (Choche is gone) and it ended up as a nobody-cares-about-it-please-cut-off thing. But then I think: ok, this post is shitty, but you know what, I am writing it, and that's all I care.
Choche, you asshole, you put your blog back on the net right now. Or I promise I will touch your ass hole everytime I see you from now on. And I know you don't like it, and I know it's going to be a disgusting hassle every time we meet again, from now on.

And now, you readers, shout "We want Choche's blog back". No matter who's around you, no matter nobody can hear you: just say it, even if you are Choche, even if you never read his humble blog. Do it for me, and leave a comment saying that you did it. "We want Choche's blog back". Say it.

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