martes, 8 de marzo de 2005

Eyes and colors

Due to an unfortunate confussion with the color of some friday night eyes, I've been thinking about colors and eyes in general, with no specific purpose other than sheer intellectual enjoyment. Well, the truth is, I wanted to seriously think about it now, but I have (again) a sore-throat and I can't smoke, so I can't think. Damn it, I can't hardly write either (but hey, I DO NOT want to quit smoking)

Eyes can be brown, black, even yellowish, blue (like yours ;), green, grey, white... they can even be blind. In no part of our body do we have such a concentrated contrast of colors. And curiously, no part of our body has been more linked to feelings than the eyes (the heart has, but then hearts are not visible, and when you see one... well, it's disgusting - sorry you romantic readers, but it's the truth: a plain heart is disgusting)

So here you have it: the eyes, the color of our feelings. Green for hope, blue for blues. One day, I will devote my hours to the study of the eyes according to the poets of our history. How did we appreciate eyes three hundred years ago? How do we appreciate them now? Think of that, you dear readers. And next time you see the eyes of your lover, enjoy slowly the miracle of its color... all through the night, until the morning comes.

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