lunes, 7 de marzo de 2005

New week

Yes, my dear readers, a new week is coming by. Will it be any different from the previous weeks? Will it bring a strange surprise, one of those surprises that makes you think "man, it's worth living"? I don't know.

The week that ends now, brought me Xiaomei, a white tree, and a set of pictures that Torjman has to develop. It was also a week of anger and lost lust, and a sense of ingravity through the hours.

Somehow, I feel something great is coming. Don't really know what, but it's coming. An idea is playing around with my brain, hidding its nature from my comprehension, but I can feel its presence. It's only a matter of time to materialise it, and make it completely mine. Will it be this week? Only time, and probably you, nosy reader, know. So stop hidding, and show me your beauty: plain, natural, essential beauty to ease my pain and change the routine of the lost days.

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