lunes, 21 de marzo de 2005

Too many

Too many, far too many things going on in my life to write about them. It's 1:18, so you should be happy I am writing, considering I'll wake up in 6 hours... my God (whoever it is)

This weekend it was José. We just said goodbye an hour ago, and I was really sad. I hugged him and got into the car knowing that it will be around a year or more since we ever meet again. Yellow submarine was playing on my tape. It's funny how songs suddenly play, and it's the right song, the song that had to be playing at that precise moment. Like when I listen to Chopin and think that I shouldn't love you.

After Yellow Submarine came Alberta a la Eric Clapton. That really killed me. The street was dark, I was afraid I got lost, I had just said bye to José and three or four memories** were dancing around my brain. I felt like stopping the car and crying, really. Actually, no, I felt like driving and crying at the same time.

But the tears were not meant to go out my eyes tonight. Instead, I kept on driving, and surprisingly I realised I was not lost. I was driving home, and real fast.

Ok, I don't know what to write.

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