lunes, 14 de marzo de 2005

Quiet city

Tonight, Barcelona was a quiet animal, a place to walk with your arm around a young body. Because I didn't have my young body to walk with, I wandered around with my friends, looking with innocent curiosity and strange happiness at the buildings all along Las Ramblas.

It was like a song by Paolo Conte. It was Come Di. I discovered Paolo Conte last friday, when I watched François Ozon's Cinque fois deux (5 times 2, aka 5x2) with -j. I know I have discovered a bunch of songs for the soundtrack of my life for the next days.

Why deny it. I wanted to hold you in my arms, but you know you're far. However, I unconciously refused to be melancholic. Because I wasn't. I am satisfied tonight, I was for the whole day. A very simple day, but a day I had not enjoyed for some weeks.

A simple day that I end writing with a beer by my side. I wanted you around and you were sleeping with your moon, and yet, I know I will have you here soon. Soon, we will sleep under the same moon.

Pronto dormiremos bajo la misma luna, amor. Paolo Conte acariciará tu cuerpo, y yo besaré tus ojos tan despacio que tendrás tiempo de dormirte bajo mis labios.

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