jueves, 3 de marzo de 2005

I got it folded inside

That's what we say in Spanish when they fuck us up with something: I got it folded inside, meaning: the dick was so big that they had to fold it in order to put it inside my ass, and still they did it.

Of course, it's metaphorical. You got it folded, meaning you were fooled by somebody. We Spaniards can be very creative with coarse language, as Choche said once in his now dead blog (you Choche, I will never forgive you)

So bla bla bla, I'm writing. What can I say? Ok, let's light a cigarrete and think. Ok, let's dress the words salad with some alcohol too: with the Orujo courtesy of sweet -ensiamada, a.k.a sweet ann. Orujo is a strong (around 30%) alcohol made from herbs. Many good things come from herbs, or are just herbs themselves. So, since I do not have anymore herbs since my mother threw them away, I will drink this liquor before it's too late.

I am quite addicted to stimulants, but in a nice way. I mean, life somehow is a search for stimulants, narcothics or not. The moment you're not stimulated, you're dead. At the office, we drink coffee upstairs and smoke downstairs (while it's legal). At the train, I have a coffe with milk and a cheese sandwich and a free newspaper with funny albeit demagogical headlines. We use the word "albeit" as an stimulant, though we think it's as ridiculous as "though". And so everyday life goes on, and when you're writing your mom pops up and asks you about that job application , and how come they rejected you.

Nice, sweet, awesome, quiet, honest, Sindey Bechet and words filling the screen. Sweet, that's how I feel now. If only you were here by my side, and I could show you how sweet my hands can be when they kiss the silk of your eyes.

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