lunes, 28 de marzo de 2005


All my troubles seemed so far away... Ok. Yesterday I was about to write a post to finish this blog. I am serious. It was one of the worst days I remember having had. At 11pm, I was lying in bed, and the thought came to my mind of writing a goodbye post, the last farewell. Luckily or not, I was too tired, and I could only turn off my computer and continue with my sleep.

Today, I woke up at 7:40am, fresh like a rose. I bought some croissants downstairs, and had a green tea with roses. I decided to head off to the beach. I drove my car down to the sea line, listening to neapolitan songs on the radio. I called torjman, I laid on the sand. The sun was high, my soul was high. The happy couple called and said they were busy (on the day of your anniversary, may I humbly wish you the best of the futures together)

Torjman arrived kind of angry and hungry: something had to be done: a paella by the sea healed the scars of his bad temper. And after... well, we called landiman and he invited us for a tea, but first, he said, we had to let him sleep. So we had a beach before us, and some time to spend: we went to the beach. As we were walking on the sand, looking for a place to seat, I glimpsed at a delicious girl sitting by the sea, reading a book by Hemingway that could be The Old Man and the Sea. I couldn't tell the title completely.

I grabbed torjman's arm, and sat him about 15 meters from the mermaid, a bit above her. The mermaid looked back. Once and again and again and again... What comes after is just the story of a couple of loosers. Or winners, who knows.

(-e, you see that finally I didn't leave Barcelona... it was all a very confusing weekend, lots of ups and downs... lots of improvisation and change of plans... lots of uncertainty... lots of anger... my worst depression in years... at least, I think I managed to conceal my troubles from those I love... well, almost all of them)

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