lunes, 23 de enero de 2006

Another one

-a wrote saying what's going on with the fruitman writing in Spanish. I wouldn't really know, -a, since the fruitman is kind of weird. Sort of like the guy in Bancroft: you really never know what's rambling around their minds, but somehow they are always around. So, the fruitman's writing in English (or quite a good iteration of English, as ktur would put it) again.
Anyway, I came back home from my second class at a public university today, again quite exhausted. It's been two exhausting weeks preparing the classes after office work, and on weekends, and even though now I'm sure there's going to be no problem with the course, still the task of 8 more classes to go looks quite daunting to me. Peace will come in April, with spring, when I'll be again liberated from extra-office work.
Now I'm going to smoke a little bit of grass, and watch "A night in Casablanca", by the Marx Brothers. I'm quite sure you'd like it, -a.
Good night, my dears.

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